Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October in Copenhagen

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
I might not get a chance to go to the city center in this month of October... Thus these photos from about the same time of the year, 3 years ago, shortly after I settled in. My brother came to pay me a visit so I took him on a sightseeing tour of the city. It was a very cold and hazy day; I decided to lighten things up with bold color combination of my outfit!
Otherwise weather has not disappoint me upon my arrival, it is already well into fall. The clouds have covered the sky and we can hope to spot the sun again next April...!

Tour of Kastellet fortress

Monday, October 13, 2014

Into the fall

Location: Sisimiut, Greenland

Of course it´s been oficially fall for nearly three weeks now. However in my mind, this transition only occurs now. I left Denmark in "summer" and I am definitely returning to the fall tomorrow.

After nearly a month, I am traveling back from Greenland on Tuesday. The half year of constantly living on a fraction of my wardrobe that fits into a 23 kg suitcase and a carry-on is over... or is it? I can´t believe it went so fast - I still remember myself writing this post at the beginning of the year...  and, before I realize it, it´s November and soon the end of the year. Too much has changed since then..

I have a trip home planned, to officially conclude my busiest spring/summer/autumn. I hope to enjoy a week of beautiful indian summer, go to meet my family living in other cities that I don´t get to see during my usual 4-days stays at home.

The winter should be much about hibernating and writing my thesis which is due by the end of next March. However these plans might change... After all, I´ve been on a pretty fast track concerning my education until now.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

About my label "Traveling for work"

I created this label because I though it interesting to track how many places out of all my travel destinations it is my work that actually takes me there.
I am fortunate enough to have a kind of "dream" PhD project, which gives me opportunity to travel to some quite unexpected places; sometimes places one would rarely adventure to as a tourist.

The reasons are various. We travel to conferences, usually at least once a year. Then there are courses, which we have the possibility to take in abroad. And then there is the external research stay, which we are advised to do for at least three months outside Denmark.

This way, I got to spend at least a week at the time in Yukon, Canada, Jotunheimen and Troms in Norway, Lapland in Finland, Polar Ural in Russia, Vienna, Portugal, Morocco, and two months in Switzerland... And of course Greenland, usually twice a year.

The best thing about this is that instead of spending my money on travels, I am actually "paid" for traveling; I could not wish for more.

A stopover in Moscow on the way to conference in Salekhard

Post-conference excursion to Polar Ural Mountains, Russia

An ice-free post-conference excursion to Morocco

A course in Yukon, Canada.

Lunch during a conference in Vienna. Ideal "Wiener Schnitzel" is as large as the plate. A must-try!

Swiss art of living during external research stay in Fribourg, Switzerland

Relaxing time watching icebergs with bear and ice cream after hard drilling work in Ilulissat, Greenland

Sailing among icebergs in Ilulissat fjord, Greenland.

Group photo during a course in Norway.
Helicopter ride above fjords of Northern Norway

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Last but not least, I am grateful for the opportunity to experience life in Denmark - a dream country for many - for exactly three years now.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday inspiration

Location: Ilulissat, Greenland

Before we head for the weekend... Let´s try to think of the time we have on our hands.

Monday, October 6, 2014

20 things I want to do in my life

Inspired by similar lists of others, I first named this "My 20 things to do before 30". Then realized I´d only have 4 years left (!) in such a case, while some of the projects are not only ambitious, but also time consuming. My list would be doomed to failure from the beginning! I realized that many of my goals are not tied to a particular age or period of life. Therefore I allow myself as much time as life will need to tick off all the boxes of my list (in no particular order):
  1. Live in Japan for one year
  2. Take singing classes (because I have singing trauma)
  3. Complete PhD degree
  4. Never regret anything
  5. Try out a "real job" outside academia
  6. Learn cooking
  7. Travel through Asia, Central and South America
  8. Volunteer overseas on a childcare-related project
  9. Take surfing class and scuba diving class (on Hawai, Australia, Okinawa or similar)
  10. Travel through Mongolia on horse back
  11. Travel through Vietnam North-to-South on motorbike
  12. Learn/improve (to fluent conversational level) my Russian, Vietnamese and the language of the country I´d currently be living in
  13. Marry the love of my life
  14. Read as many books as possible
  15. Identify my style and get in peace with my body image
  16. Experience honeymoon-like travel to luxurious destination with 5* service (what a vanity!)
  17. Be more spontaneous
  18. Take a road trip across the US inspired by Jack Kerouac in On the Road or William the Least Heat Moon in Blue Highways
  19. Become a sought-after specialist in my professional domain
  20. Work hard, stay focused, dream big

Snowy weekend in Sisimiut

Location: Sisimiut, Greenland
There is usually not much difference between weekday and weekend when we´re in Greenland -we simply try to make the best of the time we have available while up here. Whenever we are not busy with teaching, we try to focus on research or do a maintenance of the measurement stations around the town.
This last weekend was an exception. Though I feel ashamed for not taking full advantage of the amazing weather, it was a great pleasure to do almost nothing, for a change.

Water source lake behind the town, with view on the prominent peak of Naasaasaq. The changes of weather conditions are extremely quick on the coast - this particular day, the weather went from cloudless, sunny day to a snowstorm in approximately half hour!

"Snowstorm" in the past week and apartment housing - typically built on bedrock outcrops and thick concrete foundation. 
Streets in Sisimiut. Houses seem to be distributed randomly, as they are only built on bedrock outcrops, which provide stable foundation contrary to the thaw sensitive soils.

Airport runway in Sisimiut.

Football field under snow cover and dramatic clouds.

Late afternoon mood.

Reminiscence of City of Light

Location: Paris, France

aux bords de la Seine, 01/2012